May is almost here, below are some tips on how to to check off all the items on your April to-do list.

How to care for your plants

· Prune spring-blooming shrubs after they flower.

· Deadhead faded flowers from roses.

· Divide summer and fall-blooming perennials.

· Plant trees and shrubs (it’s best to do this in the fall).

· Plant hanging baskets, containers, and beds. Consider summer blooming bulbs and grasses for a change.

· Mulch vegetable and flower beds to hold moisture, discourage weeds and improve soil.

· Continue planting the vegetable garden. Add cages for tomatoes and cucumbers. Be sure they get plenty of sun.

· Plant summer blooming annuals and perennials to add interest and color to your garden beds.

· Cutback dying foliage on oxblood lilies and spider lilies.


How to fertilize your garden

· Fertilize azaleas and camellias after they have finished blooming with either an azalea/camellia/gardenia fertilizer, 0-0, or cottonseed meal.

· Apply high nitrogen fertilizer to evergreen shrubs, shade trees, and fruit and nut trees around the drip line.

· Feed lawns based on a soil test or with a 3:1:2 fertilizer such as 15-5-10 or similar.


How to conduct pest control

· Check for powdery mildew on plants and shrubs. Treat with appropriate fungicide.

· Check crapemyrtles for bark scale and treat with a systemic insecticide.

· Clean bird baths to prepare for our flying friends.

· Put up hummingbird feeders if not done already.