Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to put away those pumpkins and start decorating your country home for the holiday season!

Living out in the country, with your home is surrounded by land, means you won't be able to show off all of your festive lights to the neighbors, but you can use this same enthusiasm to decorate the inside of your home.

To get started decorating your cozy, country home or farmhouse for the holiday season, here are a few helpful Christmas decorating ideas:


Bring the Great Outdoors Inside

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh pine or spruce filling up your home? You might want to consider hanging evergreen limbs around your door frames to not only bring the outdoors inside, but to bring in the seasonal smell of it as well.

Even if you can't find live branches, you can consider hanging up fake evergreen garland and then strategically place woodsy candles throughout your home. You can take it a step further by adding in some pinecones to complete your rustic Christmas decor.

Here are a few great places to decorate with evergreen limbs:

  • Around door frames
  • Along your railing and stairs
  • Above bookcases, TV hutches or cabinets
  • As table centerpieces
  • Along or above windowsills


Get Unconventional With Your Wreath

Whoever said you could only hang up traditional wreaths on your doors was mistaken. Embrace new holiday decorating trends and get creative with your choice of wreath – or just “spruce” up your existing wreath with these fun and festive ideas:

  • Consider spray painting a wreath of pinecones with white paint to make it look frosted
  • Hang up a wreath made of holiday fruits and berries
  • Use ornaments, small toys or other Christmas knick-knacks to create your own commemorative decoration

Essentially, don't feel the need to adhere to traditional decorating rules this season - feel free to go unconventional!


Find Other Uses for Vintage Ornaments

You don't have to simply hang your ornaments on a tree, you can turn them into centerpieces, mini-chandeliers, artwork and more this holiday season!

For example, you could make decorative curtains by hooking ornaments on ribbon. Hang ornaments in front of your windows to let the light reflect through them for a colorful, serene and festive look.

Meanwhile, you can also use shiny ornaments as centerpieces by stacking them up in a bowl with pinecones or other holiday items on your coffee table. If you are throwing a holiday dinner party, you can use ornaments to decorate each place setting to achieve a delightful, fun look.

You can find even more country Christmas and holiday decorating inspiration on our Pinterest.

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