Winter Care for Backyard Chickens


Raising backyard chickens and keeping laying hens productive through the winter months means keeping them well fed, well watered, healthy, and comfortable. Below is a checklist developed from experts’ advice to assist with keeping your backyard chicken flock comfortable during the cold weather season.

Identifying Johnson Grass and Worrying about Prussic Acid


Over the past two months Texas has seen some frosts, freezes and other inclement weather. And although Texans may never be fully prepared for cold weather, it arrived right on time. According to historical data, the middle of November is Texas’ average start date for freezing, undesirable weather.

What Should I Know About Operating An Organic Nursery?


If you want to start an organic garden on your farm or ranch property or go organic with your nursery operations, here are some helpful thoughts and tips to consider.

Agrilife: Acorn Poisoning in Cattle


During this time of year, acorns are starting to fall from Oak trees. When forage is scarce due to overgrazing or other environmental factors, cattle will often search for alternative food sources.

Legal Topics Abound For Landowners


Anyone involved in agriculture must fully understand the implications of this concept.

General Information About Glyphosate


General Information About Glyphosate

Implementing regenerative practices on your farm can produce lasting effects.

How regenerative agriculture can save the Earth -- and your farm


Many farmers and agricultural organizations are seeking systems that can create positive outcomes for the economy, the environment, farmers, farm workers and consumers.

Drought management, Part II: Preparing for the next drought

Drought management, Part II: Preparing for the next drought


It's just as important to prepare for droughts of the future as it is to deal with those in the present. 

Drought management, Part I: The current East Texas drought

Drought management, Part I: The current East Texas drought


The drought currently facing much of East Texas requires appropriate management by all agricultural personnel. 

Comparing prescribed fires and wildfires

Comparing prescribed fires and wildfires


Prescribed burns, when carefully handled, can be beneficial for various agricultural purposes.


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