There are certain ways you can ensure your farm's soil stays healthy.

When it comes to taking care of your farm, one of the most important aspects is the health of the soil. If you don't have high-quality soil to grow your crops in or raise your animals on, the end result that you produce will suffer. If you are new to the farming industry, chances are that you aren't as familiar with the specifics of soil care as you should be. Should this be the case, you will need to know a few certain techniques that will help you keep your soil in the best possible shape. And for veterans of this industry, it never hurts to have a refresher!

Here are a few ways to improve your soil's health:

  • Better crop rotations: Keeping your crops rotating is one of the most important aspects of healthy soil. Growing plants on a large scale will require you to use the different patches of soil you own at different times.
  • Get your soil tested: Because the pH and nutrients in your soil can vary widely, it is best to get a soil test.  There are many types and blends of fertilizers and amendments on the market, knowing what to add and how much can greatly optimize your soils' performance.  So, whether you're planting crops or maintaining a pasture, a soil test can give you the information needed to reduce headaches and maximize production on your farm.
  • Reduce tillage: You shouldn't rely too heavily on one area of your farm to grow all of your crops or provide grazing land for your animals. Reducing the tillage of your soil will help to create better circumstances that will allow you to run your farm for years.

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